Viral video celebrates hairstyles of Black men over the last 100 years

100 Years of Beauty – Episode 18: USA Men 2 (Lester) YOUTUBE/CUT.COM
A YouTube video featuring the popular hairstyles worn by Black men is going viral.

The video was made by the website as part of its “100 Years of Beauty” series featuring various people sporting styles from over the last century on its YouTube channel.

Hitting YouTube on Tuesday, the latest video, titled “Episode 18: USA Men 2,” features Atlanta-based singer Lester “L2” Shaw with haircuts popular among Black men from the 1910s to today. Styles include the conk from the 50s, an afro from the 70s and a flattop from the 90s.

The hairstyles were based on those worn by famous Black figures throughout history including Huey P. Newton, William J. Powell and Little Richard.

Check out the video below and tell us what you think.


100 Years of Beauty – Episode 18: USA Men 2 (Lester)

And in case you were wondering, a similar video highlighting Black women’s hairstyles was done last year featuring model Marshay Mitchell.


100 Years of Beauty – Episode 2: USA (Marshay)

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