Alicia, Bryant of New York Stylist

My approach to hair is just as much holistic as it is artistic. I believe in the importance of understanding and connecting to all aspects of your lifestyle, in order to create the perfect hair style. With my relaxed approach behind the chair and intimate knowledge of curls and texture, I hope to be just the person to help you embrace and enhance your natural beauty.

The skills I have collected earned me incredibly loyal clients, because
they know they will get exactly what they want every time. I tend to be
an excellent detective, unraveling what my clients want, even if they
can’t describe it themselves. And if you don’t know what you want, I can usually figure it out with you!

I’ll also use our time either educating you on recreating styles, taking care of your hair, relaxing you with a massage or recommending product
for you to look your best. I am available for both men’s and women’s haircuts, coloring and highlighting. I love diversity in my clientele.

I’m a curl specialist, creating updated looks that are feminine,
fun and easy to maintain (with just a hint of daring). I also consider
myself a hair “therapist,” and lover of all textures and natural-looking
highlights. Come in. Slow down. Let me make your hair happy.